40,000 years. It’s an unfathomable number when you really stop and thing about it. Imagine going backwards in time rather quickly. It’s 2015. Now it’s the 1950s. Now it’s the 1880s. 1840s 1700s. Your time device speeds up. it’s 1110 AD, 500 AD 29 AD 250 BC Get ready to say good bye to Ancient Greece. 2500 BC 5000 BC You’re in Egypt and China and Indonesia Now… 40000 BC Indonesia. You’re in a cave. You’re bored. So, you decide to paint something to pass the time… and figure out how to get it on Facebook in 42015 years’ time.

Rock (Art) of Ages: Indonesian Cave Paintings Are 40,000 Years Old via http://ift.tt/1QlCCWo

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