3D REALITY –> Laser Scan of area producing mathematical coordinates in 3D -> 2D image –> 3D Minecraft.

Mapping reality is a difficult endeavor. We create models, then models of models. I did that today as an experiment; a 1 to 1, pixel to voxel by taking USGS height map and I [finally] figured out the necessary steps to make it 3D in Minecraft. It’s 100% accurate to the original data; meaning, I can /tp (teleport) to the pixel coordinates on a 2D image that I created utilizing 3D height map data, to end up in the same place in a virtual 3D simulation.

Yet, oddly enough, this level of abstraction away from the 2D image, in an attempt to resurrect a 3D model that was BASED UPON a 3D scan of reality, seems to be more *real* than the intervening 2D image.

How does this relate?


yet, am I in any of those places?

No. Because? Time. We routinely neglect Time and shoot straight for the fancier stuff like Space and higher dimensions, skipping entirely over the Time issue.


as marvelous as the laser scan was, as impressed with myself as I am with the conversion, everything in this video is, ultimately a lie that we accept as true.

Even if I took a picture of myself now, it would be untrue. Why? Because time moved on. Yet, we rarely seem to incorporate Time properly into models of Reality.

It is also a lie because it’s an image of reality that only resembles reality.


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