Ah. Strikes me as cognitive dissonance. Disillusionment. Sucks. Yeah, feels like being bullied.

Honestly, I don’t know why they don’t seem to offer decent classes ANYWHERE that prepare minor humans for the ridiculous mazes one has to go through as major humans.

I remember a nephew, Da. Him and a friend found some 4-wheelers (off road vehicles) in the woods. (not here at this house thankfully). Da was 17. His friend was 18. In fact, his friend just had his birthday a few weeks prior.

Anyway, they decided to take them and hide them.

Got caught because they were stupid. [for taking them and also stupid on how they hid them… by driving them around]…

Da got threats of “bad future” oooh.
Br went to jail for nine months.

They were 5 months apart in age, same grade.

Da ended up getting married, has a baby, good job, successful in his mid 20s.

Br died at the age of 20 in a high speed chase in a different state running away from police. Crashed into a tree. [true story, awful stuff].

That jail time? Yeah. That did it in for him. Thought himself a criminal after that. He *did* learn to read in jail which was good, but .. well, he died in a high speed car chase.

That’s not to say he *wouldn’t* have crashed into a tree in a high speed chase if he wasn’t in jail for the first 9 months of his 18th year.

But once it was fixed in his head that “I am a criminal who must run away from the law”, all his actions regarding police sprung forth from that.

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