31. [Scientist] chanted “general laws, specific cases”32. [Nomothetic] chanted “general laws rule” 33. [Idiographic] chanted “specific cases matter”

I. Monism-pluralism hybrid
II. Dualism-non-dualism hybrid
III. Reductionism-holism hybrid
IV. Essentialism-non-essentialism hybrid
V. Absolutism-relativism hybrid
VI. Objectivism-subjectivism hybrid
VII. Rationalism-empiricism hybrid
VIII. Individualism-collectivism hybrid
IX. Naturalism-supernaturalism hybrid
X. Determinism-indeterminism hybrid
XI. Idealism-realism hybrid
XII. Nomothetic-idiographic dichotomy hybrid

1. Philosopher “one is many, many is one”
2. Monist “one reality, one truth”
3. Pluralist “multiple realities, multiple truths”
4. Spiritual Seeker “duality is unity”
5. Dualist “two sides, two truths”
6. Non-dualist “one side, one truth”
7. Scientist “reduce to understand, understand to see the whole”
8. Reductionist “break it down, find the parts”
9. Holist “see the whole, understand the parts”
10. Social Justice Activist “essence can change, change can be essence”
11. Essentialist “inherent properties define us”
12. Non-essentialist “our properties can be changed”
13. Diplomat “absolute principles, relative truths”
14. Absolutist “universal truths guide us”
15. Relativist “truths vary by perspective”
16. Artist “objective reality, subjective perception”
17. Objectivist “reality exists independently of us”
18. Subjectivist “our perception shapes reality”
19. Thinker “reason and experience, both key”
20. Rationalist “reason is primary”
21. Empiricist “experience is primary”
22. Individual “I am unique, I am whole”
23. Individualist “the individual is paramount”
24. Collectivist “the group is paramount”
25. Naturalist “nature is all there is”
26. Supernaturalist “there is more beyond nature”
27. Determinist “cause and effect rule all”
28. Indeterminist “chance and free will exist”
29. Idealist “thoughts shape reality”
30. Realist “reality exists independently”

31. [Scientist] chanted “general laws, specific cases”
32. [Nomothetic] chanted “general laws rule”
33. [Idiographic] chanted “specific cases matter”

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