3-valued systems, semiotics – go for it.

Ah! It’s a modernized Semiotics. I’m a fan of triangles. They bridge the gap between two, making: THING, THING, RELATIONSHIP. It’s got applicability.

The whole data movement that’s heavy on tuples is based upon the same concept of 3. I don’t think it’s necessarily revolutionary, but if it helps move _some people_ away from dichotomies and binaries and such, then it’s a good thing.

I don’t think we’ll make much further progress until the binary/vs/tue-valse/excluded middle falls more and more out of favor and is replaced by 3-systems. Ternary Logic (3 valued) is *still* in its infancy but _someday_, it’ll prove invaluable to human technological and intellectual progress.

High words? Yeah. But it’s a simple change that can prove very useful in many applications.

So, in short, if you find the triangle system that works for you and makes sense to you, use it. smile emoticon There’s the pragmatist in me tongue emoticon

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