3. There’s my Pi for you. As close as I can get.

Then I have to remind myself… I’m just a guy sitting behind a laptop on a porch in Florida USA typing words into a textbox on a website to a friend, the same as billions of people are doing at present… and it’s not all that important.

But then I remember it’s not the words that matter. It’s trying to express… I dunno, “friendship”?  “caring”?  “empathy”?  I don’t know what the right word is.  I give a shit. I guess that’s what it is.  IGAF.  About you as a person.  That you’re real.  That I’m doing what I can to see “you”, even when I don’t fully understand who the “me” is that’s trying to see the “you” there.  Eh, words suck sometimes.  There’s always missing words, like trying to express every decimal of Pi always has missing numbers.    So here.

3.  There’s my Pi for you.  As close as I can get.

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