Oh glorious. First CogSci framework, then AI comparable framework then whoever’s left in a 3rd framework, matched up to a subset of topics I’d discussed on Facebook from 2006-2021 (using Latent Dirichlet Allocation).
This table illustrates the relevance of the three theoretical frameworks to a diverse range of topics. The framework “Phenomeno-Ontological Perception in Cultural-Cosmological Contexts” typically shows high relevance when topics pertain to consciousness, cultural aspects, or grand-scale perspectives (e.g., cosmology), while “DS-PC-NE-EE CR” (Dynamic Systems-Predictive Coding-Neurophenomenological-Embodied Ecology Cognitive Restructuring) tends to align well with aspects of cognition, systems, and embodied topics. The framework “SO-EM-DD-EA LA” (Statistical Optimization-Error Minimization-Data-Driven-Environment-Aware Learning Algorithms) is most relevant to topics directly related to data, optimization, and learning algorithms, such as computer science & AI, and numbers & structures.

Knowledge Domain/Field of Study/Paradigm/Topic
Technology/Computer Science/Artificial Intelligence/Computer Science & AI
Information & General Works/Information Science/Information Seeking Behavior/Discovery & Critical Evaluation
Philosophy and Psychology/Philosophy/Ontology / Epistemology/Perspective & Ontology
Philosophy and Psychology / Social Sciences/Epistemology / Social Psychology/Constructivism/Knowledge & Trust
Philosophy and Psychology/Philosophy / Psychology/Existentialism / Identity Theory/Reality & Identity
Natural Sciences/Psychology / Neuroscience/Perceptual Psychology/Vision & Perception
Social Sciences/Psychology/Cognitive Psychology / Mindfulness/Consciousness & Mindfulness
Social Sciences/Psychology/Goal-Setting Theory/Goals & Effort
Philosophy and Psychology/Philosophy/Formal Logic / Rationalism/Logic & Rationality
Social Sciences/Critical Theory / Sociology/Critical Sociology/Theory & Critical Thinking
Social Sciences/Cultural Studies / History/Cultural History/Cultural History & Society
Social Sciences/Social Science / Ethics/Human Rights / Behavioral Science/Human Rights & Behavior
Language and Literature / Religion/Linguistics / Theology/Semantics / Theism/Linguistics & Semantics
Language and Literature/Cognitive Linguistics/Conceptual Metaphor Theory/Metaphor & Cognition
Philosophy and Psychology/Philosophy of Science/Positivism / Realism/Science & Philosophy
Natural Sciences / Mathematics/Mathematics / Physics/Structuralism/Numbers & Structure
Natural Sciences/Physics / Astronomy/Cosmology / Quantum Gravity/Cosmology & Energy
Natural Sciences/Physics/Spacetime Physics/Time & Space
Natural Sciences / Social Sciences/Physics / Future Studies/Quantum Mechanics / Futurology/Patterns & Future Prediction
Natural Sciences/Systems Theory / Biology/Systems Biology/Systems & Models
Language and Literature/Literary Studies/Narratology/Perspective & Writing


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