How to reference the whole brain and beyond in an single Excel workbook.

How to reference the Universe in an single Excel workbook.
*3.984375 ……….terabytes* Why the brain amazes me. Testing out possibilities of my old Microsoft Excel 2000 to see if the tool I’ve been looking for has been sitting in front of me the whole time – the one I’m expert at. Check this out:

65536 rows

256 columns

1024 characters can be displayed in a cell addressable using =mid

255 addressable characters (using the =char

4,380,866,641,920 directly addressable using formulas.






In a SINGLE old Excel Sheet.

(given enough memory/diskspace)

This that’s awesome, check out this thought experiment:and remember:

this is just a single sheet.

in a single workbook.

in a single directory.

on a single hard drive

on a single computer

on a single LAN

on the internet

Multiple sheets

Multiple workbooks

Multiple Directories

Multiple Hard Drives

Multiple Computers

Multiple LANS

Multiples of all of these on the Internet.

Are all easily addressable from a single formula on an Excel Spreadsheet.

AND.. I did not include:

56 colors

4000 cell cyles

or VBA (visual basic for applications)

which can directly address those dimensions as well.

or the real total of 32767 characters per cell.

Nor did I use Unicode

or further variations accessable via VBA such as

255 width for column or

409 points high for rows

All easily accessible dimensions through VBA. You can pin point any cell.

And… THAT’S JUST LOCATING A byte of information.

and to top it off:

I didn’t go into this:

How can you compare the relationship between one byte and another?

geographically? higher than, lower than, to the left, to the right, nearer, further away (3d), earlier/later (if you use one of these dimensions as TIME).

What about the way that THREE bytes relate to one another?

What about how one group relates to another?

This row compares to that row?

Or answering questions like, ”How many places can you find the word ”Ken” in this? Or variations of Ken: ”Ken/ken/kEn/keN/KEn/KeN/KEN/Enk/enk/eNk/enK/ENk/EnK/ENK/Nek/nek… oh I’m tired of doing that by hand…”

And for all the other things I didn’t include… I just wanted to show: that… given enough memory or space or processing power, you do anything you want on a computer.

Even interact. Like this. Thank you. -Ken

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