2schematic and project tango and minecraft and google. Thank you google – finally :)

lol I’d say a “waste of a day”, well it kinda was :P
After 3 years, I *finally* got around to messing around with https://github.com/idryanov/2schematic – been sitting on it forever.

Basically, takes a pointcloud (you can get LIDAR maps covering most of the planet) and converts it to Minecraft Schematic.  There’s been stuff like that for a while, but this is the only one that did pointclouds, like the stuff you’d get from the Kinect cam or whatever.

Anyway, after messing around with *finally* bothering to get Visual Studio on here, downloading all the dependencies like PCL package, getting *it* to work, along with many mistakes like messing around with Cygwin and Git… *all* things I _avoid_ because they are major Time Sucks…

..and trying to get this thing that is hard enough to compile on Linux apparently (I haz Windows 7 64-bit – no laughing), all the while learning Visual Studio (because I never used it.  Never wanted to.  Not my thing)….  and ultimately getting smart and giving up…

…I decide, “Hey! What’s the author of this piece of thing I’ve been trying to get to compile been doing since then?”

Well, he embarked on a real-time mapping software called Project Tango.

Cool –   – sounds neat.  I look it up.

What do I find?

Well, while _I’ve_ been sitting on this neat piece of code I couldn’t compile for *THREE YEARS*, doing other stuff with my life, *GOOGLE* goes ahead, gets (hopefully buys) his idea, incorporates a Kinect type sensor and is now about to release Tablets… with the very idea I’ve been sitting on!

Well, great minds think alike, and Google’s got the muscle and money power to “make things happen”,, so really, I’m happy because, in a way, Google took my idea :P  Of course it was *my* three year old idea, plus it was _this guys_ three year old idea (he did it), and probably a *million other people’s* idea.

[you know, mapping reality in something like Minecraft blocks, instead of silly mathematical spheres and stuff].

Anyway, *that’s* what I get for being Anti-News for so long now :P … and for not having a Linux machine.  and I wish Google the best of luck with a great idea… that.. wasn’t theirs… but, I have to say, like Microsoft, they know how to take a great idea someone has, buying it, and then doing something more with it.

So I can’t pay you Google for doing the work for me.  But Thanks just the same for bringing a little more necessary future our way ’cause it _really_ was a pretty obvious next step and I’m glad you took it.

Still a lot of future obvious tech I’m waiting for.  I’ll keep tinkering.  So far, every idea I ever came up with ends up showing up within 3-10 years… so my brain is definitely on the ‘vibe’ of stuff that ain’t here yet, so at least I can be like, *FINALLY SOMEONE DID IT* rather than _OMG I NEVER EXPECTED THAT_.  I don’t know what, but it’s satisfying.  Such a know-it-all… and I know I’ll be surprised by technology one day,  and *that’s* the day I’m waiting for ’cause it’ll happen :)

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