28: Forget everything I said. Be yourself. Do it your way.

28: Forget everything I said. Be yourself. Do it your way.
27: Congratulations! You Win!
26: Rule #1: Who am I doing this for?
25: When you run out of gas, STOP. Maybe it’s enough.
24: Stay Centered. Look down the center, left + right: Same Time.
23: All walls are made up. Make up your own.
22: W M V are good shapes. Conquering Big Spaces.
21: Start. Go as far as you can. Go home. Don’t Lose Line.
20: Work at your own pace. Unless there is a deadline.
19: Food and water. But then get back to work.
18: Draw a line between the furthest points. Never be lost.
17: Once you know where to go, do it the easiest way possible.
16: Cut the project in half. Like a steak. Cut it into smaller pieces.
15: Draw a circle around the problem. It creates a world.
14: Sometimes you can push a problem out of the wya. Move it.
13: Never give up.
12: Bored? Maybe you’re done. STOP. Let someone else decide.
11: ALWAYS take one last look, before you go. Might be more.
10: When you lost track of your walls, remember what you came to do.
9: Sometimes Time solves the Problem. Wait. Be patient.
8: Ask for help if you need it. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
7: Don’t lie to yourself.
6: Lost? Find a wall and follow it.
5: Do as much as you can with your skills. You can do anything.
4: Be like water. Flow around your problems. It’s easiest.
3: Showing off. Dressing up. Pretending. Act. Least effort.
2: Set a big goal. Sound silly. Dream bigger than yourself.
1: Bored? Goof off. Bored again? Do something for another.
0: Help your friend untwist. Time to untwist you. :-) -Ken

July 28, 2013 – series of Vines I made. “HYPERFAST: Accomplish everything and never get lost. Coping Skills. Solve Any Problem. Udut”

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