27-36 yrs old is “prime time” in some fields. Younger and older get age discrimination.

It’s true. In some places it’s even narrower: I’d say 27-36, especially in tech fields.

By 27, people start calling you “sir” and “ma’am”: you’re no longer “the kid”. [it’s a strange experience when it happens btw].

After 36, it’s “Oh, creeping up on middle age” and the 2nd wave of discrimination kicks in.

In some places though, like politics and upper management or Professor levels, 36-55 is “prime time”.

Beyond that, there’s other levels, like 55+… then another level around 75… and another around 85 I’d say.

These are stereotypes of stereotyping behavior but I think it’s pretty accurate.

So yeah, the 25-55 is a really good estimate.

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