222 ms 270 bpm 9/8 triplets – 810 bpm Kenneth Udut fastest pianist in the world? really?

74 ms per note.
wow. Ok.  270 bpm or 222 ms is the lag in my brain.  Been looking for this mystery gap for a long time.  Might be wrong, but this:


links the OFC (decision making, reward punishment, adaptive learning) to the medial temporal lobe
“This connectivity supports the potential role of the OFC in the propagation of mTLS.”

“Hippocampal stimulations evoked reproducible responses in the OFC in all 3 patients, with a mean latency of the first peak of 222 ms (range: 185–258 ms).”

Mean Latency Time = *LAG*  Brain lag.  Or…. max clock speed perhaps!

All this sounds weird – not explaining well, but I’ve felt I have a ‘natural’ speed of some kind.  The speed I like to play things on the piano, I tested out a few years ago (the hard way), with my ears and a metronome… I hate metronomes. There’s a tune I’ve played since I was little that involves triplets going very fast with my right hand, and my left arm/hand manages to keep up with octaves or a slower counter melody of some kind…

Anyway, I could never time it.

Finally figured out that it was 810 bpm but that didn’t make any sense to me.

So now, I got it nailed.

270 bpm, 9/8 time.  222 ms intervals… the length of decision-making in my brain…  and I can stuff 3 notes in that 222 ms interval, 74 ms each note.

and I can finally have a *literal* answer to the thing that a teacher and other adults had said about me when I was little:

*”Kenneth Beats To A Different Drummer”*

MY drummer plays at 270 bpm, 9/8 time or *810 bpm*.  [which is faster than the Guiness book https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iux7ove8RGI hopeful which is faster than the current record holder.

I _really_ should apply for it.  I’m so darn lazy.
http://icopiedyou.com/fastest-piano-hitting-in-th/ I almost did a couple of years ago.  *sigh*  I still don’t think it’s all that amazing, but apparently, _it’s fast_ I guess. :P

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