\/ <– see those two slashes? Zoom close. They don’t connect.

\/ <– see those two slashes?  Zoom close.  They don’t connect.  There’s always a gap where two different things meet.  If it’s a bridge, you can build across, or jump.  If someone’s on the other side, you can call out to them and connect from your mouth to their ears.  If it’s the Internet, type a few words.  That makes a bridge.

You’ve made bridge; you’ve called out my name and said, “Thanks!” in a specific way that’s meaningful to you and to me!

Thank you, my friend!  Keep doing whatever it is that you’re doing for as long as you feel like doing it, because you’re doing it right   There’s no emoji’s for me here, but if there were, it would be the ::: smiling blush :::

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