2008. That’s 7 years ago. Ok. Seven years ago today, I incorporated FB into napleslus. AT the time it was a viable concept. Local business directory – nobody else was doing it, bringing together all the news of the area. RSS feeds were free and everywhere and I had some very complicated programming to yank it all in and provide all the naples internet in one place. But alas, times changed, feeds closed, the big G decided it provided nothing unique to the Internet about two years ago and no amount of work could bring it back to the first page status and believe me, I tried for a long time. But I can’t complain. It had a VERY long, successful run as a profitable enterprise and it still exists but with drastic changes to the whole Internet environment it’s in, the benefits aren’t worth the costs involved for radical change. Facebook and Google both completely replaced all of the functionality of the site with something better and, well, they won. Such is how it goes but I’m glad I did what I did. It was fun to be the David against the Goliaths for a long time.

Kenneth via http://ift.tt/1Isc3tX

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