200+ Questions on RIghts of kids/teens (Youth) in USA. [video]

200+ Questions on RIghts of kids/teens (Youth) in USA.
All of these questions have answers. This means you can look them up and there are answers to all of these questions available if you need them.
I was in the library today. It was during the day, so school was in session and the “young adult” (teen) section was empty, so I wandered over to see what kinds of things the librarians thought was relevant.
As one would expect, a vast majority is manga, romance, science fiction.
The youth adult section is extremely tiny in this library: perhaps five rows.
The non-fiction part? VERY VERY small. One side of one shelf goes from 000-999.
So, I went through to get a sense of the subject matter. Stuff on science (for the teens that are nerds like I was/am), a few on topics that won’t show up in a children’s section nor will you find much on in the general (adult) section. It was a sad display of non-fiction but perhaps not much non-fiction for teenagers is being published at the moment.
But then, there was this book. Written by a Juvenile Judge, who has been a Judge for a long time and knew _all about_ rights as they stand in the USA, I was very impressed by the breadth of questions here.
200+ questions with answers. So, I spent a few minutes and made a “stop motion” of all of the questions and set it to music when I got home. [it made up two 6.5 second Vines, flashing by, but I slowed it down by 1/4x and set it to dramatic music just now]
So, here you go. I hope it helps someone. Get your pause button ready.

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