2 : word connects Like box box,

2 : word connects Like box box,


I woke up from a dream that clarified things
Not human centric but place relations
It does not have to be egocentric. The compass directions people is a cultural skill that I wish I had and I’ve actually worked on trying to acquire since I was a teenager to varying degrees of success


But it does ultimately return to human centric because it is humans

To do so I have to encompass each of the linguistic frames of reference used by humans


Diane Luster Bekheet its a reminder to myself of how I would connect words together into sentences for vocabulary tests in first grade.

Box box is my reminder that two things can relate to one another in many different ways. A box in a box. A box on top of a box.

Word word: connects :: box box : connects

Its not going to make sense to too many people at the moment but it will.




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