1st start with facts. Otherwise, nothing to refute. No substance? No debate.

white as a racial identity is fine.
whiteness as a default is toxic to societies as it breeds ignorance, akin to unexamined belief that eating food while standing doesn’t add calories but worse, and makes ppl who exude whiteness look like idiots to everybody else, including other white ppl who are tired of fellow white ppl acting like idiots trying to speak for us.

Open all the borders. Let ppl screw like bunnies if they like. More tax revenue for the state, more interesting restaurants – what’s not to like

1st start with facts. Otherwise, nothing to refute. No substance? No debate.

If you act like you came hot off the presses from 4chan Lars, ppl aren’t going to pay you much mind.

Dude, ppl like you are commonplace online

Same scripts everytime, masking as original thought but drawn from common online wells.

You don’t know this group very well. Ppl are more grownup than standard good guy/bad guy dynamics.

Real life isn’t a FPS. Ppl here are… complicated and all over the political spectrum.

Keep your beliefs all you like. A lot of ppl here are on the right. I’m not – I’m a Mr Rogers here, too ancient and barely “part of it”. But guns blazing just looks silly here. Adult a little.

I’m 45 Lars but you sound like an old fart complaining on a park bench somewhere about the daily news.


Bro is a deer hunter. [I helped skin/gut a few times]. You don’t mess with the antlerless… and Bow hunting is kinda gross imo ’cause its slow death if done wrong.

It’s not my hobby. My bro loves it so I turn a blind eye and help him skin and gut sometimes, make deer burgers or whatever. But shooting 100% 4 fun only and/or not following regs ain’t right.


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