(1(CHOICES(Cheat Sheet(BOOK(Kenneth Udut(25(MAY(2020))))))))

(1(CHOICES(Cheat Sheet(BOOK(Kenneth Udut(25(MAY(2020))))))))
Choice is a mechanism of inhibition / interference, allowing only certain paths / sympathetic resonances*.
Choices are ongoing, never stopping.
Choices happen at all scales.
Choices are made by all things that are mechanisms and collections of mechanisms.
Choices in humans are voluntary and also involuntary.**

* Choices can be also be modeled by percolation, nonlinear hardening spring, foldover, chaos theory, fractals, buckets on the edge of overflowing, etc, although to me that does not convey a sense of complex operating machinery so much as errors to be corrected, unless you see these as collections of mechanisms each with their own sympathetic resonances / eddies at some local level.
** You could frame all choices as involuntary, however, the very concept of choice and choices and taste / test implies “like / dislike” which is thought of as automatic in chemical reactions but conscious with life forms, particularly humans. Humans seem to like actively choosing and so I chose to bring forward voluntary as a voluntary path that I will not inhibit.


Dewey Decimal Classifier has trouble with this text but I like its choices.
DDC Confidence
621: Applied physics 0.07
150: Psychology 0.07
120: Epistemology, causation & humankind 0.07
005: Computer programming, programs & data 0.06
160: Logic 0.05
338: Production 0.05
003: Systems 0.03
514: Topology 0.03
336: Public finance 0.02
510: Mathematics 0.02
306: Culture & institutions 0.02
300: Social sciences 0.02
519: Probabilities & applied mathematics 0.02
330: Economics 0.02
570: Life sciences; biology 0.02
518: Numerical analysis 0.02
539: Modern physics 0.02
400: Language 0.02
027: General libraries 0.02
620: Engineering & allied operations 0.02
  “Tries to determine the values (i.e. worldview) expressed by the author according to Clare W. “Graves Emergent Cyclic Levels of Existence Theory”.”
 lol from that text it classified my personality type pretty well. I show up as INFP but I’m using my “Judging” here, which is hard for me but I’m better at it than I used to be. Practice.
Science classifier if I include the * ** text
Science classifier if I just use the list.


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