1983 thought collector first computer future Kenneth Udut still future oriented

Me, 1983. First computer. Taught myself programming. Always stayed a little bit “ahead” and always a futurist, predicting near future things. One project since 11 yrs old has been a “Thought Collector”. Made various forms of it on various computers. Still working on it though. [worst was going through a microcassette recorder and dozens of tapes before my iPhone 4s (now 5s) FINALLY could put that to bed with a decent voice-to-text that I could actually _use_. “It’s about time” is always my view on new “breakthroughs”

I miss chat rooms. I mean, the style in facebook groups comes _close_; and in a way it’s nicer than old-style chat or IRC because it has permanence, pictures and videos… but there was something exciting about the “Now-ness” of the old chat rooms.

ran a Minecraft server for 23 months. Needless to say, I encouraged a chatty server. All the chat rooms migrated into multi-player gaming, and a relic-form of chat rooms is here in facebook groups and “private ones” in instant msgr apps. But honestly, the public ones were always the best.

[then again, the Internet of the 90s was a lot more perverted. It still is of course, but GenZ cleaned up all the fandom. It’s their internet now We’re just the school janitors chatting in the boilerroom. I can’t wait to see what Internet they create as they grow up and modify it. But I’m a futurist… can’t seem to get myself into “today” F’in Doctor Who – you warped me as a kid

remember Usenet

300 baud modems
CB Radios
Dial-up Modems
Cable Modems

I always live in the near future, so the present tech is always just a little past to me and “latest just-came-out technology to me, is “Well, it’s about time they finally did that”.

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