Explanation Possible neural substrates involved Task examples
Extensive practice strengthening alternative neural pathways Prolonged training wiring new circuits through frontal/temporal regions Piano improvisation, typing speed
Some motor skills primarily tap into digit movements mediated by proximal connections in motor/somatosensory cortices Stronger proximal motor connections, bypassing full visuomotor integration Typing, texting, playing a musical instrument
Musical/rhythmic motor skills leveraging stronger right hemispheric connections between frontal-temporal-parietal networks for sequencing Stronger right hemispheric connections between frontal-temporal-parietal networks Playing a musical instrument, dance, rhythm games
Cognitive processes involved in musical creativity drawing heavier on frontal-temporal networks bypassing parietal systems Stronger frontal-temporal networks involved in working memory, sequencing, timing Musical improvisation, composing, arranging
Computer-based tasks situation numbers/letters in grid-like, regular spaces leveraging stronger motor learning independent of visual scanning demands Stronger motor learning and memory, reduced demands on visual scanning and visuospatial integration Typing, texting, video games with grid-like interfaces
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