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“That said, at what point does a parent give up the right to worry about others influencing their children, however foolish or unjustified the concern?”
Satanic Panic, 1980s. Parents will always be concerned.
Satanic Panic, 1980s: Parents will also get hyped by each other and the media.
Satanic Panic, 1980s:
Legislators will use and hype up parental fears for their own agendas having little to do with what they say they do.
You _can_ bring it to the level of parents as the “Moms For Liberty” and politicians do.
But I’m not thinking about individualist. They will always be concerned about their kids, as their churches and their natural instincts and their TV sets and Youtubers and politicians and Twitter feeds say.
Scott, you realize that “Think of the Parents” is equivalent to “Think of the Children”.
It’s not that it’s invalid; it’s just that it’s familiar overworn territory that sidesteps what the concerns being raised are here.

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