I have a stronger opinion about the Joker character and the archetype it plays as “Chaotic Evil”.

I have a stronger opinion about the Joker character and the archetype it plays as “Chaotic Evil”.
So a better attribution would be: I have a stronger opinion about CHAOTIC EVIL than I do about any specific example from the world of fiction.
But out of the set of my opinion about examples from fiction, I have a stronger opinion about the Joker as a character in the universe of fiction as it generally plays across all of its facets…
and I have a smaller opinion about the Arthur Fleck character specifically.
However, I do have an opinion because:
a) he’s part of the chaotic evil “family” of archetype, specifically within the Joker example
b) His variation of the Joker character has been more DIRECTLY influential to a generation of young children in one way, teenagers another way, young adults another way and middle aged men yet another way, with significant overlap and yet some distinctions.
c) My main interest is NOT the character Arthur Fleck but in the actual real PEOPLE who are interested in Arthur Fleck’s character; more specifically in people that I have a two-way communication with such as yourself, or my ne a few years ago, or others in various places online.
d) Since my interest is in THEM and not in MY OWN opinion of the character-as-presented-in-the-movie, I have found that if I present strong opinion of the Arthur Fleck character in conversation, I am more likely to gather a better set of opinions from whoever I am conversing with at the time, particularly if they are a fan of the character and empathize with the character during its development.
e) Yes, I am judging a character based upon the whole environment that creates the character including all of the people that enjoy the character via my interactions with the people that enjoy the character, on a backdrop of my interest in archetypes, including the Joker trope.
f) Arthur Fleck is especially interesting because there seems to be a comparison drawn by many enthusiasts to the type of character as seen in Falling Down, the Michael Douglas character, rather than the Chaotic Evil archetype.
g) But I am not interested in the screenwriter’s point of view of the director’s but of the people I can have actual two way communication with.
h) So it is not an uninformed opinion without a purpose. It is deliberate and intentional.
ChatGPT summarizes what I wrote nicely:
“It sounds like you have a strong interest in exploring the ways in which people respond to and interpret the Joker character, particularly as it is portrayed in the Arthur Fleck iteration of the character. You are interested in understanding the ways in which this character resonates with different groups of people and how it might influence their thoughts and behaviors. You are also interested in how this character fits within the broader context of the Chaotic Evil archetype and how it compares to other characters, such as the Michael Douglas character in Falling Down. Your interest in these topics is driven by your desire to engage in two-way communication with others and to better understand their perspectives and opinions on these issues.

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