17 Daedalus, 8 Buddha, 3 Noah, 2 Odysseus, 1 Gulliver, 1 Sphynx

Wow, introducing Motifs analysis with Prototypes really exposes patterns I didn’t see. HG Taylor thanks for the inspiration!
17 Daedalus, 8 Buddha, 3 Noah, 2 Odysseus, 1 Gulliver, 1 Sphynx
This implies possible unseen connections between the other categories in each group.

Name Motif Description Prototype Philosophy Politics MBTI Tritype
Eliza J2101.1 Artistic invention Daedalus Expressionism Anarchism INFP 4w3-6w7-9w1
Owen J2101.1 Perceptive interpreter Daedalus Constructivism Anarchism ISTP 5w4-6w5-9w8
Grace J2101.1 Fragile beauty Daedalus Aesthetics Liberalism ENFJ 2w1-3w4-9w1
Lily J2101.1 Self-aware reflector Daedalus Introspection Social liberalism INFP 2w1-4w3-9w1
Lucas J2101.1 Transient philosopher Daedalus Absurdism Anarchism INTJ 1w9-5w6-6w5
Elena J2101.1 Expressive communicator Daedalus Romanticism Social democracy ENFP 4w5-6w7-9w1
Aria J2101.1 Emotional artist Daedalus Romanticism Anarchism ISFP 4w5-6w7-9w1
Isabella J2101.1 Transient philosopher Daedalus Existentialism Anarchism INFP 4w3-6w5-9w1
Isaac J2101.1 Time-observing thinker Daedalus Eternalism Technocracy INTJ 5w4-1w9-3w4
Vivian J2101.1 Intuitive introspection Daedalus Meritocracy Technocracy INFJ 1w9-5w4-2w1
Sophia J2101.1 Idealistic perception Daedalus Idealism Social democracy INFP 4w5-9w1-1w9
Benjamin J2101.1 Forward-looking seer Daedalus Futurism Conservatism INTJ 5w6-1w9-3w4
Emma J2101.1 Expressive creator Daedalus Existentialism Liberalism INFP 4w3-7w6-9w1
Isabel J2101.1 Mortality-aware thinker Daedalus Stoicism Anarchism INFJ 4w5-5w4-9w1
Ella J2101.1 Energetic enthusiast Daedalus Nihilism Libertarianism ESFP 7w6-2w3-9w8
Sophie J2101.1 Mystical diviner Daedalus Occultism Socialism INTJ 5w4-1w9-3w4
Gabriel J2101.1 Emotionally expressive Daedalus Romanticism Anarchism INFP 4w3-9w1-6w7

Ethan J2102 Introspective scholar Buddha Stoicism Conservatism ISTJ 1w9-5w6-6w5
Ava J2102 Scrutinizing investigator Buddha Objectivism Libertarianism INTJ 1w9-5w4-6w5
Charlotte J2102 Precise decision-maker Buddha Pragmatism Centrism ESTJ 1w9-3w4-8w7
Liam J2102 Vocal pragmatist Buddha Pragmatism Social democracy ESFP 3w2-7w8-8w7
Clara J2102 Clear rational thinker Buddha Rationalism Technocracy ENTJ 8w7-3w2-5w4
Max J2102 Creative pragmatist Buddha Pragmatism Democracy ENTP 7w8-5w4-3w2
Oliver J2102 True-path seeker Buddha Taoism Libertarianism ISTP 9w1-5w6-8w7
Nora J2102 Clarity-seeking realist Buddha Objectivism Conservatism ESTJ 6w5-3w4-8w7

Noah D2070.4 Compassionate protector Noah Utilitarianism Social democracy INFJ 1w2-2w1-6w5
Zoe D2070.4 Spiritual illuminator Noah Mysticism Environmentalism INFJ 2w1-4w5-9w1
Finn D2070.4 Guiding light Noah Humanism Social democracy ENFJ 2w3-6w7-9w1

Mia A2100 Bold adventurer Odysseus Empiricism Libertarianism ENTP 5w4-7w6-8w7
David A2100 Cyclical progression Odysseus Existentialism Democratic socialism ENTP 3w4-7w8-8w7

Emily F251.2 Multifaceted explorer Gulliver Postmodernism Social liberalism ENFP 4w5-6w7-7w6

Ivy D2060.3 Gatekeeper of secrets Sphinx Humanism Social democracy ENFJ 2w1-3w4-6w7

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