I can’t take right-wing fans seriously.
As a true paleo-ककुद्मि fan, the proper name is ककुद्मि and nothing else.

“When Kakudmi went to Brahmaloka to meet Lord Brahma possible by the means of a Interstellar spacecraft or any other superior technology, yet unknown to us. There he saw that Brahma was busy in a musical performance given by the Gandharvas. So, both Kakudmi and Revati decided to wait till the performance ends.”

“One of the first known examples of time travel appears in the Mahabharata, an ancient Sanskrit epic poem compiled around 400 B.C.,

In the Mahabharata is a story about King Kakudmi, who lived millions of years ago and sought a suitable husband for his beautiful and accomplished daughter, Revati. The two travel to the home of the creator god Brahma to ask for advice. But while in Brahma’s plane of existence, they must wait as the god listens to a 20-minute song, after which Brahma explains that time moves differently in the heavens than on Earth. It turned out that “27 chatur-yugas” had passed, or more than 116 million years, according to an online summary, and so everyone Kakudmi and Revati had ever known, including family members and potential suitors, was dead. After this shock, the story closes on a somewhat happy ending in that Revati is betrothed to Balarama, twin brother of the deity Krishna.”

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