1636-1638: 5 ancestors served in Pequot War.

1636-1638: 5 ancestors served in Pequot War.
10th Great Grandfather:
- Thomas Barnes, Immigrant from Barking, Essex Eng to Middletown, Middlesex, Ct, served in the Pequot War, 1637 ; granted fifty acres for his services.
10th Great UNCLE (not grandfather so NOT in-line totally)
- Robert Rose, Indian Fighter, Immigrant from Ipswitch, Suffolk, Eng to Stratford, Fairfield, CT
11th great grandfather.
- Capt. Joseph T Weld, I, Immigrant from Sudbury, Suffolk, Eng to Roxbury, Suffolk, MA. The youngest of the three Weld immigrants, is the ancestor from whom the richest and most famous Welds descend.[2] As an award for his participation in the Pequot War of 1637 and subsequent negotiations, the colonial legislature granted Weld 278 acres (1.13 km2) in the town of Roxbury. Captain Weld’s land is now much of present day Jamaica Plain. With the wealth generated from this grant, Joseph Weld became one of the first donors to Harvard and founded the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts. Thomas Weld’s involvement with Harvard was the beginning of almost 400 years of association between that institution and the Weld Family. Surprisingly, the first Weld to attend ended his Harvard career in disgrace. John Weld (born in 1625) and a classmate stole money and gunpowder from two houses and were caught. Henry Dunster (Harvard’s first president) personally whipped them and expelled them from the school. Weld returned to England and became a minister in Durham.”
11th great grandfather
- Capt. Thomas Munson, Rattlesden, Suffolk, Eng to New Haven, New Haven County, CT: At age 25 yrs while living in Hartford Conn, he led a militia of 90 men against tribe of Algonquin Indians during the Pequot War. A battle occurred at daybreak on June 5, 1637 .8 miles northeast of New London Conn. His troops were victorious for which he was awarded 28 acres of cleared land. Two years later he and 62 other free burgesses and or/franchise holders met on June 4,1639 in Mr Newman’s barn to limit church memberships to persons of property. There is a monument to him near the First Congressional Church Hartford Ct.”

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