Oh it’s a big deal right now for this week.
But what a lot of people are doing is turning it into a “symptom of a bigger problem” – and that’s not the media doing that.
that’s rumors starting and growing that do that.
Political pundits often spark the fire, whether they work for a news organization or youtube or whatever. They light a match and their followers carry the rumors forward and change them.
I saw one tonight: With one voice it seems, right wing media online is attempting to show the hacked private company pipeline issue and are saying, “Look Biden is Jimmy Carter 2.0″ in a negative fashion.
It’s all desperation to make the current president look bad and pull everything into it they can.
But in the process it takes a temporary problem and fans the flames of hysteria and people who are in places such as Florida who aren’t even part of the pipeline, getting all doomsday about it.


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