If you want to believe it was all an accident where everybody was caught unaware _despite_ the fact that even _I_ knew it was happening, I can’t stop that.
But DC Antifa warned their people “dont’ go” and made the call to other antifa groups not to go.
DC BLM said ” don’t counter protest” and sent word out not to counter protest.
So the ONLY PEOPLE THERE were supportive.
So if intelligence was so good among blm and antifa and among those who broke in knowing where offices were, and so terrible at the Pentagon… because.. and Trump had no idea because…. and there was such lax security because….
I know people that are deep in, left Facebook en masse in protest. They can’t imagine a world where Trump lost because the win was a promise and any alternative must be fraud.
They’re certain they’ll get prosecuted or deprogrammed and there’s a lot of them.
But I’m hoping that it will settle. There are things that have happened in the last four years that I would have said, “That’s impossible, not America”.
We’ve slipped into accepting things that we should not have.
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Here I am – 2021, cheering because a President elect will an actual mathematician/geneticist on his Cabinet, instead of asking his son-in-law Jared to head a Virus pandemic response.
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A president who DOESN’T send his daughter to take his place at meetings overseas because he wants to golf that morning…
…it’s going to take getting used to.

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