@117917630258726503337 lol

@117917630258726503337 lol it took only maybe 20 seconds to make this for you – maybe a minute – for these 6 seconds — but THEN it took me like a 40 minutes to figure out ”how can I get this DIRECTLY from my phone to you :-D It wouldn’t have been hard, except a) I forgot to add you as a friend b) when I tried, it said I reached the limit of 5000, so I had to move some friends around (people who left G+ or had duplicate accounts) and THEN, just when I thought I had it *all* sorted out… I discovered a flaw – the iPhone doesn’t immediately add new friends to its circles… so in the end, I uploaded the 6 second video that took 20 seconds to make to my computer and NOW it’s ready for me to send to you :D

I learned a lot of lessons tonight, but you can take this away from it all:

I’ll do anything for a friend.

And you are my friend Alex, and I’m glad you exist in the world and that I know you :D See you on G+ !

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