8 yrs old, “5 yrs out of diapers”…. is *that* the marker these days? That mom’s having a severe case of culture shock. If she think that’s bad, she should head over to ROBLOX or iFunny: or head over to multiplayer gaming – she’d flip her lid.


The most foul mouthed  k in my n’s 7th gr has “true Christian parents”. He goes to after school in-school Bible club, is forbidden from having anything to do with Pokemon, has a Nazi obsession (beyond “only ironically for the memes” which I think is more standard these days) and sneaks on 4chan /pol at school, and I just found out today is into hentai. I asked my n. , “What kind, ’cause there’s lots?” He said “loli”, which makes sense as he’s 1 2 but I doubt his true Christian parents would approve. My n not into that that I know of, but he’s aware of all these things. [I wait until he brings stuff like that up]

Anyway, I’m not trying not trying to make predictions of anybody’s future, just stating that parents can gleefully keep their blinders on while being authoritarians and end up shocked that their kid that’s “just a few years out of diapers” learned only one thing from their authoritarian rule:

How to sneak around them.



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