1100FD or HD is text-based CD-ROMS

One way an external CD-ROM may be worthwhile in a machine like
the 1100FD or HD is text-based CD-ROMS – ones that hold loads of

With it, you have a portable database.  There are text-based CD-ROMS that
have: encyclopedias, large lists of phone numbers, lawyers cases, indexed
by docket numbers or last names, or whatever, abstracts from magazines
[Social Issues Resource Service – SIRS – is an amazing text-based
database], and tons of other things.

But yes – temporary files that the CD-ROM programs want to create may
take up more than a 720K floppy disk, although I doubt that it would be
a problem, as long as the program didn’t count on drive C: :-)


via https://groups.google.com/d/msg/comp.sys.tandy/fMF9H-2LjMY/hZSPkGuQmHYJ

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