I’ve played around with Amazon Kindle self publishing.

I’ve played around with Amazon Kindle self publishing. The process is easy enough and I’ve made a few dollars off of it just by putting a few things up there.

If I really wanted success, I’d market, but nothing I put up there is really worth marketing as I just did it on a lark, to “see if i could do it”.


So it’s one possible route to make money. I just haven’t pursued the money part seriously. Lots of people write and the field is saturated in most areas, plus I don’t want the criticism and the editing.

But that’s me. I never could edit anything I do.

I can’t answer for traditional publishing nor can I answer for social critiquing online (tumblr, fan fiction, wattpad, etc) because getting social critiquing isn’t my thing…. but then again neither is writing “my book” yet apparently.

But, I know how to get on Amazon for what that’s worth. That’s about it though.


They also offer print-on-demand like CreateSpace. The different in cost is there but it’s slight and I liked that Amazon , even though I hated going through one of the “big boys”, really *does* make the process as smooth as possible.

I mean, if you spend your time trying to everything perfectly, what really gets done? But again, that’s me and I’m no role model for any of this stuff.


If you want to go through a traditional publisher for the bragging rights, I could see that. “I only go through traditional publishers and wouldn’t lower myself to self-publishing”. But it seems like a lot of extra work. And if tumblr has the groups that do the things you need but you feel like an unwelcome outcast there, all the more reason to barge in and make yourself present. Fuck ‘em. If you can use their help, use it. Are you in it for them or for you?


anyway, that’s my 2 cents. Good luck on whatever route you go on. I think it’s definitely a worthy pursuit and I’ll be rooting from afar, so that’s at least one but I’m sure you’ll have many more.


It’s impossible to not run across fan fiction at some point :P But my main point is not to reject potential areas of research due to unrelated reasons like political ideology. Writers are writers in the end.

I don’t know what good critiquing sites there are tbh. I wouldn’t have the nerve to do it but I know from everything I’ve read that that type of thing can be invaluable… or it can kill your drive… depending.




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