1000+ genres of music all at once wow

I’m gonna go through ’til I can figure out what’s missing. SOMETHING has to be missing. I’ve been making up music on the piano forever, and have music in my head but really don’t know the genres. I’m hoping I’ll hear something that “clicks” and that will make me very happy indeed.




I’m really liking it. I always had a good “sense” of genre – like, I could always tell “this song reminds me of” some other song…. or I’d be able to describe in detail what’s special and common about it… although I’d lack the category names… and often the names of the songs as well tongue emoticon (my brain has a tagging problem I think tongue emoticon )

but I was never good at the names of styles. Like, if someone says to me, “deep breakcore” (to pick a random example), I’ve never heard of it before, but without hearing it, I know more or less what it’ll sound like.

Yet if someone says to me, “What genre is this song?” I go blank.


That’s what’s making me laugh so hard: I listened to the examples and was like, “I can see it I can see the connection!” and just imagined trying to EXPLAIN how they’re related to someone who goes, “wtf are you talking about?”


YES! I found the name of a genre I like and I didn’t know it had a name:


This is awesome for me. I always say I can appreciate all genres of music and, so far, this is true. I can find something I like in each. But of course, some things are more my speed than other things for different reasons. “Full On” which I never heard of before, I like.

I would’ve called this “hacker music”. or “music to hack by”.



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