1 year old words

1 year old words



1 year old wordsEnglish, Hong Kong and Beijing

By extension…

In all languages, at around one year old, children can say:

2 Daddy
3 Mommy
2 Bye
1 Hi
2 UhOh
1 WoofWoof

Any lower dimension word can ALSO be used to describe a PART of higher dimension words but not the whole thing.

Now: What do they understand that’s been shown?

My theory is that: ALL of the words that follow, stem from the lower words.

All one dimension words = “WoofWoof” or “Hi”
All two dimension words = “UhOh” or “Bye” or “Daddy”
All three dimension words = “Mommy”.

Mommy, the most complicated mystery we typically encounter.

And never fully understand.

Daddy’s are far simpler.

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