1-100 youtube videos single word topics and examples

chiptune, Tandy Color Computer, Orchestra 90-CC, Indian Sonata, improvisation, guided meditation, hypnosis, AI-generated story, TTS, ASMR, shoutout, claymation, Runway AI, voice synthesis, Inception, DECTalk, rap battle, ancient cassette, piano, AI hymn, Chat GPT, Microsoft Bob, spirituality, song, townscraper, WarGames, WSL1, NanoHost32, VST, additive synthesizer, mindfulness, bass drop, black MIDI, Sonic Pi, Korg MS-2000, cognition, behavior, DALL-E 2, kitten, ANS emulator, Norman McLaren, server, Minecraft, biology, webcam, quantum theory, resonance, oscillator, Deskmate Text, AndroMouse, pdf, jazz scat, cavitation peening, hacking, MOD tracker, piano recording, S3M, foobar2000, ProjectM, OBS, ASMR typing, edex-eu, matrix theme, TTY, CNN, BBS, backrooms, mechanistic explanations, coded message, pixel art, dumb terminal, QModem, Telnet, synth sounds, ancient song, Sonic Pi, console text editor, Xaos, fractal, Zelda, Chill, wave simulation, cellular automata, NETLOGO 6, Lightyear, Pixar, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Minecraft, dithering, grayscale, Doctor Who, YTP, treemap, circlemap, CSV, yEd, OCR, OPML, Dewey Decimal, holism, reductionism, ADHD, neuroscience, musical rhythm, LSD, Dream Emulator, author’s thought patterns, brain maps, music, objects, processes

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