1. 🧐🤔 (Curiosity) – Mortgage issue – GAD-focused DEP

1. 🧐🤔 (Curiosity) – Mortgage issue – GAD-focused DEP

Initial emotional state: Contentment (eating ice cream)
Trigger: Mortgage notice
Transition emotion: Worry (concern about mortgage)
2. 🔍🌟🧩 (Exploration) – Checking computer – GAD-focused DEP

Emotional state: Anxious motivation (wanting to resolve mortgage issue)
3. 💫 (Disruption) – Bird incident – ADHD-focused DEP

Trigger: Unexpected bird appearance
Emotional state: Distraction and heightened arousal (dealing with bird)
4. 🔄🤔 (Re-engagement) – Back to the issue – GAD-focused DEP

Emotional state: Refocused attention (bird situation resolved)
5. 🔍🌟🧩 (Exploration) – Discovering mortgage is not late – GAD-focused DEP

Emotional state: Relief (mortgage issue resolved)
6. 🤔 (Curiosity) – Insurance issue – GAD-focused DEP

Trigger: Noticing hazard insurance cost
Transition emotion: Concern (insurance cost increase)
7. 🔍🌟🧩 (Exploration) – Investigating insurance cost – ASD-focused DEP

Emotional state: Intense focus on details (looking into insurance cost history)
8. 💡 (Insight) – Realizing it’s a gradual increase – ASD-focused DEP

Emotional state: Relief (cost increase more manageable)
9. 🤝 (Sharing) – Discussing with the person who handed the notice – GAD-focused DEP

Emotional state: Seeking validation and reassurance
10. 😐 (Neutral) – Unsatisfying response – SAD-focused DEP

Emotional state: Disappointment (lack of shared relief)

This version of the story demonstrates transitions between the GAD-focused, ADHD-focused, ASD-focused, and SAD-focused DEPs, highlighting the complexity of emotional states and the influence of various DEPs on your experience.

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