• Enneagram 1 (Perfectionism) is associated with moralistic, idealistic philosophies like Catholicism, Socialism, and Utilitarianism. 1w2 tends to be more socialist/communitarian, while 1w9 tends to be more rational/objectivist.

• Enneagram 1 (Perfectionism) is associated with moralistic, idealistic philosophies like Catholicism, Socialism, and Utilitarianism. 1w2 tends to be more socialist/communitarian, while 1w9 tends to be more rational/objectivist.
Catholicism, Socialism, Universalism, Globalism, Techno-Populism, Pancasila
Utilitarianism, Objectivism, Kemalism, Aristotelianism, Ordoliberalism

• Enneagram 2 (Altruism) is linked to humanistic, compassionate philosophies like Humanism, Altruism, and Sikhism. 2w1 is more idealistic, while 2w3 is more populist.
Body positivity / Fat acceptance, Sikhism, Humanist Philosophy, Altruism, Egalitarianism, Neo-Humanism
Populism, Pluralist school, Archeio-Marxism, Statism, Fraternity, Republicanism

• Enneagram 3 (Achievement) is linked to meritocratic, pragmatic philosophies like Capitalism, Meritocracy, Neoliberalism, and Scientology. 3w2 tends to be more feminist, while 3w4 is more Social Darwinist.
Liberal Feminism, Anthropocentrism, Virtue Signaling
Capitalism, Machiavellianism, Meritocracy, Eugenics, Neoliberalism, Pragmatism, Psychological Egoism, Scientology

• Enneagram 4 (Individualism) is associated with idealistic, unconventional philosophies like Existentialism, Romanticism, Absurdism, and Gnosticism. 4w3 philosophies tend to be more feminist and cultural, while 4w5 philosophies tend to be more ontological, metaphysical and occult.
Metamodernism, Anarcha-Feminism, Cultural Feminism, Moral Anti-realism, Transidentity, Seicho-no-Ie, Animalism
Absurdism, Si-Phobia, Queer Theory, Progressivism, Xenofeminism, Anachronism, Esoteric Fascism, Transcendentalism, Dualism, Utopian socialism, Panentheism, Rosicrucianism, Existentialism, Romanticism, Subjectivism, Irrationalism, Idealism, Decadentism, Personalism, Moral Non-objectivism

• Enneagram 5 (Knowledge-Seeking) is linked to rational, intellectual philosophies like Empiricism, Analytic Philosophy, Transhumanism, and Nihilism. 5w4 philosophies tend to be more postmodern, mystical and Deconstructionist, while 5w6 philosophies tend to be more scientific, materialist and naturalistic.
Postmodernism, Deconstruction, Surrealism, LaVeyan Satanism, Stirnerism, Existential Nihilism, Eclecticism, Discordianism, Mysticism, Occultism, Sufism, Gnosticism, Omnism, Kabbalah, Perennialism, Hermeticism, Augustinianism, Relationalism, Neoplatonism, Psychological Nihilism, Logos, Classical Mythology, Dialectical Mysticism, Druze, Historicism
Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Secularism, Kopimist philosophy, Gender Critical Feminism, Empiricism, Hoppeanism, Libertarian Socialism, Democratic Transhumanism, Intuitionism, Scholasticism, Antinatalism, Marxism, Transhumanism, Determinism, Technocracy, Hegelianism, Dialectical Materialism, The Fourth Political Theory, Naturalism, Constructivism, Universalism (philosophy), Moral Nihilism, Rationalism, Cartesianism, Analytic philosophy, Darwinism, Logicism, Thomism, Pythagoreanism, Epistemology, Avicennism, Process philosophy, Mathematicism, Legalism (Western philosophy), Scientocracy

• Enneagram 6 (Security-Seeking) is associated with philosophies focused on order, tradition and security like Christian Philosophy, Fascism, and Communitarianism. 6w5 philosophies tend to be more authoritarian while 6w7 philosophies tend to be more populist.
Trotskyism, Market Socialism, Fascism, McCarthyism, Malthusianism, Christian Philosophy, Marxist Feminism, Eurasianism, Pink Pill
Feminist Philosophy, Identitarian Movement, Agnosticism, Communitarianism, Critical Race Theory

• Enneagram 7 (Joy-Seeking) is linked to hedonistic, libertarian philosophies like Anarchism, Nihilism, and Relativism. 7w6 philosophies tend to be more optimistic while 7w8 philosophies tend to be more radical.
Optimism, Anarcho-Christianism, Relativism, Posadism, Post-structuralism, Philosophy of language
The American Dream, Anarchism, Anarcho-Capitalism, Illegalism, Sophism, Cosmic Nihilism

• Enneagram 8 (Power-Seeking) is associated with individualistic, hierarchical philosophies like Imperialism, Social Darwinism, Libertarianism, and Satanism. 8w7 philosophies tend to glorify power and conflict while 8w9 philosophies tend to justify power and hierarchy.
Imperialism, Voluntarism, Nominalism, Militarism, Satanist Philosophy, Antichrist, Black Nationalism, Bolsonarism, Old Norse Philosophy, Minarchism, Neoconservatism
Marxism-Leninism, Social Darwinism, Consequentialism, Dark Enlightment / Neo-reaction, Ecofascism
• Enneagram 9 (Peace-Seeking) is linked to holistic, pragmatic philosophies like Animism, Classical Liberalism, Taoism, and Mutualism. 9w1 philosophies tend to be more idealistic while 9w8 philosophies tend to be more libertarian.
Animism, Ecumenism, Historical materialism, Collectivism, Buddhist Philosophy, Jainism, Veganism, Wicca, Vegetarianism, Taoism, Anarcho-pacifism, Quietism, Mutualism, Bahá’í Faith Theology, Thule Society, Memento mori, Classical Liberalism
Misotheism, Apoliticism, Epicureanism, Cynicism, Anarcho-Primitivism, Right-libertarianism

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