The Embodied Cognition of Kenneth Udut

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Awesome Good Job!

People aren’t usually quoted until they’re famous, or until they’re famous and DEAD.  Why bother waiting to be famous and dead before getting quoted – *out of context*?

So, I, Kenneth Udut, am quoting myself out of context.  Just do a search and see for yourself.

My body is probably in Naples, Florida USA, as is my brain (which isn’t separate from my body), in its current “State”.  But, throughout the expanse of Time prior to the present moment, I’ve externalized a *lot* of whatever was going on in the “past” Present Moments by writing online – typically communicating with other embodied cognitions (different thinking brains in different behaving bodies in different surrounding with different tools at hand).  I decided to put Kenneth Udut’s typewritten utterances online, as well as background materials that helped shape my thinking… making copies of things I’ve read that were, somehow, significant to me in the course of my online travels.  In short, if I ever wrote it, it’s in here.  If it’s not in here, it will be.  Stay awesome!  -Ken

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